10 lưu ý để thiết kế một thông điệp quảng cáo hiệu quả

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Theo một nghiên cứu gần đây, trunh bình mỗi người dùng internet nhìn thấy 3000 tới 5000 thông điệp quảng cáo mỗi ngày. Trong khi số lượng khách hàng muốn chạy quảng cáo đang tăng lên mỗi ngày, để thông điệp của bạn được khách hàng chú ý thì bạn cần xử lý sao cho thông điệp thật hấp dẫn, táo bạo và đáng nhớ.

This is especially true with online and digital advertisements, where competition is fierce and costs are continually increasing. Speaking of that, have you seen the latest video commercial from Kmart that’s making it social circles? That’s right, I said Kmart.

Not every digital advertising campaign is going to live up to that. But whether your business is new to digital advertising or looking for additional ways to make an impact with an online campaign, Fusionfarm can help. Listed below are 10 tips on effective advertising design.

Before I dig into the tips, it’s important to set goals. Goals are imperative to measure how effective the ad or campaign is accomplishing those goals. This can be as simple as increasing traffic or as complex as wanting to create more loyal customers. Regardless of the goals, make sure the campaign is continually working to reach them and that you are measuring effectiveness.


Ads should have a clear call to action and purpose that aligns with the overall business goals. What action does the campaign beg of the audience and what does success look like?


Online and effective advertising design campaigns, as with traditional offline campaigns, should accomplish specific goals while keeping the overall purpose of advertising in mind. The campaigns’ goals should align with the overall business goals and regardless of the action the specific campaign is asking the audience to make, it should be clear who the message is coming from. If the brand voice is overshadowed by the campaign message, it can be counterproductive. There are cases, if the brand is not as well known or is still trying to build awareness, where it becomes most important to focus on the message and the value the business brings. H&R Block does a nice job of this with the ad campaign below. The company advertising is clear upon first glance at the ad.

hr block ad example


Different ad sizes should maintain the same message, look and feel. This allows the campaign to become easily recognizable and minimizes the possibility of confusion for the audience.


Ads should not be text heavy. Remember that you only have a few seconds to relay the message of the campaign to the audience. Keeping it short and simple is most effective to ensure the point is conveyed. The messages become even more effective when paired with an easy to understand call to action.


Online ads should lead to a dedicated landing page that will further explain the offer or the message within the campaign. The landing page can accomplish many goals at the same time but should make it easy for the audience to follow through on the action you were asking them to take. For a lead generation campaign, it can simply be a page to collect audience information for follow up communication. If the goal of the campaign is to entice the audience to make a purchase, the landing page should make the process of buying online as simple as possible. If the main goal of the campaign is for overall company branding, the landing page would provide additional information on the important pieces of the business. Other landing page uses may include offering printable coupons, special promotional codes and directions on how to connect with the brand on social platforms.


While it may seem effective to use bold or bright colors for the advertising design in online campaigns in an effort to stand out against the increasing competition, it does not make sense to use colors that are inconsistent with the brand. Staying true to the brand allows the audience to easily identify where the message is coming from and continues to strengthen brand awareness.


The ad campaign should show images that help the overall message, not distract from it. Including images for the sake of drawing attention instead of choosing one with purpose can cause confusion and waste the highly valuable time you have to reach the audience. Big Lots does a nice job of this in the ad campaign shown below.

big lots big savings ad


Use animation if the campaign warrants it. Not all campaigns need it. It also should be mentioned that some types of animation are not supported by all devices, especially some mobile devices. Unless animation is in a format all are compatible with, multiple ads will have to be prepared so as to not alienate the audience.


While we sometimes feel an ad on the internet or on mobile devices should give as much information as possible since there is limited time to appeal to the audience, simplicity is most effective. Details such as physical address, phone number or email should be left out. Listing the information in the ad distracts from the message and defeats the purpose of trying to get the audience to click through to the landing page, where more complete information can be listed. Entice the audience to click through the ad can more easily convert them into customers, educate them about your brand and encourage them to remember you when the situation warrants. An example of this is the Vimeo advertising design below.

Vimeo ad example


Creative elements should be changed often enough so that the campaign does not start to lose effectiveness. The creative in the online advertising design should also be changed to test new messages as well as when the goals of the campaign shift.

Advertising online is an important and effective form of advertising that should not be left out of a multi-plat form campaign. However, when done without following a few guidelines, it is easy for ads to become ineffective and looked over. By following a few simple steps, advertisements can be an effective way to reach a target audience.

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